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Emerald Green Jumpers

According to Creative Review emerald green is the colour of 2013. Now i’m not normally one to follow trends, I just do what I like, especially when it comes to colours. I fancied a change from the sports grey ones i had been printing and these caught my eye. Love the colour! So get in ahead with next years trend and buy one of these jumpers from the online shop this year! (well.. 24 days)

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Lone Wolf Ball

Illustrated and designed a flyer for the Lone Wolf Ball.

‘A Christmas party for freelancers, homeworkers, lone wolves and good eggs!’

Sign up for your free ticket Here! and join on the facecrack page.

See you there!

(We have booze supplied by Jamesons..woop!)

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My blog has gone crazy

Because i uploaded products into the shop! Technology you have beaten me today….
but i don’t care because this guy is ace.

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Little Whittle Wonderhaus

Long over due collaborations with Wonderhaus are slowly but surely appearing.. here is a simple but beautiful gold acrylic mirror oak leaf necklace. It is available also in a bronze mirrored acrylic and as a pair of earrings or a single pendant.

Pop into the Craft Centre and have a butchers!

Will also be available online before December 1st.

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Studio Two

Studio Two in the Craft Centre will be coming to an unfortunate close, this will be our last christmas but as one door closes another opens and we’re excited for 2013!
To celebrate the last crafty christmas we will be having an  APOCALYPTO PARTY this Saturday! Click the link to see more details.

Alongside Ciara Clark and Wonderhaus there will be a colour selection of framed and unframed prints, jumpers, t-shirts, bird mobiles, jewellery, sketchbooks, cards, originals and one off creations!

Go in and have a butchers!

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Been Printing..

For Feel Good Freak Show..

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All in the Wrist – Hooty

I spent 4 days working with cardboard inside the Bench Self Made gallery. I wanted to play around with the space and have fun with a material i don’t use that often and so i created some trees and a remote control cardboard owl complete with screen printed feathers.

The work was displayed alongside cardboard queen Lottie Smith, Krek, Moot, TeaOne and Muka. Everybody’s work was completely different to the others, making it an interesting show and showcasing the usability of cardboard. I think I enjoyed the making part with other people around the best bit.. free booze is free booze.

Thanks to Moot for organising the exhibition and Alistar from Bench for letting us get into the space and being generally awesome.

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Invite to Feel Good Freak Show

The long anticipated exhibition by Tasha Whittle and Lottie Smith…
the “Feel Good Freak Show” is launching on the 16th November at 6:30pm… as part of the Future Artists Residency Programme.

Inspired by Dumbo – a favourite film for both of the artists and the imagery of old travelling fairgrounds & circus’s. This exhibition is part of a body of work celebrating individuals in all their forms. Alongside their ‘Freaks’ both artists will be showing a selection of illustrated quotes that they have picked up along the way. There is a unique hand made quality to the artist’s work, with a focus on screen printing, hand painted signs, cardboard, illustration and design…

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Ted X Salford

Went and did some live painting at the Ted X Salford event at the Lowry. There were some really interesting speakers who’s talks can be seen on the internet.
I had choosen to illustrated Joseph Incandela the American particle physicist currently based at CERN where he is the spokesperson for the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. It was really interesting but went over my head a bit having not studied science for years. From the talk I created what I thought was the Higgs Boson..

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Teacup A-board

Did a couple of A-boards for the lovely Teacup on Thomas Street from this years MFDF ‘Casual Dinning’ award. Congrats guys!

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