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Garden Party at Islington Mill

“The garden at Islington Mill never ceases to amaze people as they happen across it totally unexpectedly. As well as being a critically acclaimed photographer, David Williams has single-handedly been responsible for all the beautiful plants that transform our courtyard into an urban oasis during the Summer months. Last Summer’s blooms form the subject matter for David’s photographs and will give you an idea of how stunning our garden can look. To keep the garden looking gorgeous we are hosting a garden party fundraiser to contribute to the further development and maintenance of the garden. Suggested donation for the Garden Party £3.
April 5th 2012 (Thursday) Expect cake, the finest ales, T-shirt stalls, a cocktail bar, chilled beats and as always, great art! ”


Inspired by the flowers in Alice in Wonderland I have created this image drawn with paint brush and ink for the folks at Islington Mill. It will be screen printed onto bags and some t-shirts to raise money for their garden. Come along! Open to everyone!

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Crikey, Monday is all about the new new neeeeews. There is one more piece of new news! I am moving studios! I can’t really say anything else at the moment.
But this is another step in the right direction!

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Albert and the Yellow Daisies

Working on some new small prints with a nice theme. This is a 4 coloured screen print, that turned out brilliantly.  More to make and print then they will go up on the shoppe.

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Column Arts Agency website goes LIVE!

I am now represented by Column Arts Agency. That’s a bit good!
But it doesn’t mean that all jobs have to go through them and they get a percentage of money from my work that i do freelance.. helll noooo. They only take a commission if they get me a job, which is perfect and nicely considerate. A super supportive team in many ways that one, i am really happy to be a part of this.


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Cosmic Bison Tees…

Now available in Junk Shop! Based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, this vintage, recycle and revamp clothes boutique is one of favourites for unique dresses and garment. With new designs from local designers as well as their own beautiful clothesline Jumble ‘Made in the Mill’ and vintage finds, its worth a peek.
There is also a selection of Cosmic Bison 8oz canvas bags too.. perfect for the summer.

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More cushions made to be placed in Studio Two at the Craft Centre.. theres owls, hares and puppy loves!

More wonderfuls to come!

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Makey Bdays

More for my benefit than anything else..

It was good friend SuperCrafts birthday in Feb.. and amongst tasty edible items we had given him i hand made a pop up card. Quite fun to make so want to be doing more of this.. It came wrapped in a fat boy paper.. which was is also a really funny idea.

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No One / LDN

My ‘Cut and Create’ bird mobiles are on sale and display in No One. Based in Londons Shoreditch area they sell a variety of really cool and nicely made garments, jewels, prints, posters… you know name it they have it. A mixture of Independent makers and designers and i feel pretty fortunate to be ask to send my birds down there. So if your in London and fancy some birds then theres the place to get them. Cheers for the pics guys!

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Studio times..

I am a terrible updater. So in a bid to fill up this internet space i will be posting more often here.
The links will probably spread onto my Tumblr , faceboom artist page Flickrrr and  twitter for you all to see and enjoy.
Sorry if it just seem to repeat itself, i’m just catching up with the rest of the world.


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New business card.

Limited run 500. Come signed  if you get on directly off me.. maybe i’ll even give you my number…!

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