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60 Second City Animation

Can be seen in my videos section..


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60 second city animation workshop.

Myself and Nicola Colclough created a bespoke animation workshop in response to the ’60 minute cinema’ to work with a Year 4 group from Caldershaw Primary School. Here is the film from our session, the work was inspired by the city. It was a lot of fun and i look forward to doing more.

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Q&A with Column Arts Agency

I did a Q&A with Column Arts Agency about Out House.. which if you clicky heerreeeeeeeee you shall be flown over there to it!

And this is a picture of ArtMath’s bottoms!

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Metric Exhibition in Leeds

YES! An exhibition! ?
I’ll be showing work alongside some of my favourite northern artists on  3rd June.. Save the Date. The exhibition is curated and organised by the brilliant bestjoinedup who actually have a snazzy new website. Go check them out and the amazing work the do.


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Studio 2


My work on display in Studio Two in the Manchester Craft and Design Centre in the Northern Quartre. Prints, Originals, bird mobiles and apparel.. Nice nice nice.

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Todays Inspiration..

I’ve been rather distracted looking at the creative world around me is doing.

Here are 3 artist’s that really get me buzzing with inspiration.

This is Jeremy Deller’s piece ‘Sacrilege’ at the Glasgow Festival of visual art. A massive inflatable Stone Henge. A perfect piece of fun interactive Public Art. There’s a full article here here pon de guardian website. I feel that public art needs public participation and interaction and this covers that with added fun.

Just been introduced to Issac Cordal via my friend Josephine the Flying Machine and fly she does oh so well. Cordal’s latest body of work ‘Waiting for Climate Change’ is worth looking over as are the Cement Eclipses. His mini sight specific sculptures create a narrative of their own when placed amongst the landscape. Perfect photography captures the moment, story and emotion, i hope to come across these one day!

John Dyer Baizley drawings make me pine.. not like the tree but that feeling inside. Every single dot and line is beautifully constructed to create the whole picture that flows and moves in unity. I’d like to see his work animated in some form but without loosing the incredible detail of course. This picture featured was made into a 9 colour screen print that can be seen on his website. There’s quite a long and interesting Q&A on website metal band art which i really look forward to reading once I’ve done my own work.

INSPIRED… but still not good at writing.

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Adventure hare!

I made some more cushions and they got snapped up and now taken on adventures!

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byebye julian kimmings

Its always sad when you have to paint over an artists work but that is part of the reason why we do Out House.. to introduce you to new artists! I loved Julian Kimmings piece. Oh well, we’ll just have to find other spots to paint…

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Out House Round 3

Its that time of year again when we re-prime the blocks of Stevenson Square and introduce the public to some new artists and artwork.  These are my instagrams documenting the process.. there are a lot more photographs on the OUT HOUSE website.

Round 3 included.. Eightbit, ArtMath, Laurie Pink and Paul Hallows.

For more information please go to  

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New Studio….

MWA will have an opening soon… We’re just all getting settled. I am well happy.

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