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Metric Exhibition sneak preview!

Quite excited for the exhibition opening on Sunday 3rd at Dock Street Market for bestjoinedup’s exhibition Metric.

I did a quick a quick Q&A for Column Art Agencys website about it and everyone involved.

I’ve done 3 originals in acrylic on paper, framed and are up for sale. woot. There will also be a selection of screen prints to buy as well. hotty tooty, its gonna be reet good.

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Rhubarb Bomb

Rhubarb Bomb is a Wakefield zine designed by my friend Matt Sidebottom. This is their 5th birthday edition with the front cover illustration done by me. Lovely stuff inside. Really love zines and diy culture. Got a few knocking around the studio if you would like one.

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Peter Rabbit Prep

Some photos of the Peter Rabbit book cover soon to be exhibited at Print Odyssey in Norwich. 2 colour screen print on A2 Fabriano Rosapina very nice paper which makes the ink on it pop up and out.. woo!

The super snazzy one69a screen printed them for me. Cheers buddy.

Column Arts Agency will be picking them up and driving them down to the exhibition, so if you would like to perchase one please speak to that fella.

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Sound by Numbers

The Volkov Commanders ‘Sound by Numbers’ wall consisted of different artists responding to the idea of giving the audience an instruction that will allow them to experience a sound..
I made a galaxy music score, by following the notes from other dimensions the music scores follow an upward path through the notes but are warped in different ways by every note they go through.

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Volkov Commanders at SFTOC

The came, they saw and they conquered every space that they could into a rhythmic dance and musical frenzy..

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Andy Batman

Super rad illustrator, performance artist and friend Andy Batman… (goes by the other name of Geraint Hacking) wore and performed in a costume that was made by me with lots of left over scraps of canvas in my studio. Here be some photos of the making and the actual costume.

The video on the performance is in my video section.

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Inspiration Tuesday

I saw this video at the future shorts screening at the Cornerhouse, this was my favourite video.. inspiring imagination from Mikey Please. More Please!

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Print Odyssey Exhibition

This will be my first exhibition as part of Column Arts Agency My reinvention of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit will be turned into a 2 colour A2 screen print which will be for sale after the exhibition. I loved that book as a child and still enjoy it now.

Please go to the Column Arts Agency website and add yourself onto the mailing list for future updates! It’s all getting rather exciting!

More info about Print Odyssey 2012 click there. Its in Norwich! woop woop hometown!


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