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Popshot Magazine

Back in May Art in the Underbelly and Popshot Magazine bashed heads for a Art in the Underbelly’s 2nd birthday. To celebrate the occasion I was asked to illustrate a poem.  The poem is about the excuses we make to not assert ourselves, when the only thing that is stopping us is self-belief.

The man who was just a head
By Jess Little

I’m not one to make excuses
Said the man who was just a head
But I can’t stand up for myself
As I don’t have any legs

I’d raise objections freely
If i had an arm or two
But my cranial formation
Devalues my point of view

Without feet or ankles
I can’t dig my feels in
I cannot stick my neck out
As I stop below the chin

No bones to be found here
Never mind ones of contention
I’ve no stomach for a conflict
No guts for confrontation

If i were more than simple skull
Perhaps I’d be headstrong
With fingers I could point out when
Others were in the wrong.

Grow a pair is what they say
But then the question begs:
Where would I keep them,
Between my non-existent legs?

But he knew as well as i did
This man who was just a head
Strength comes not from the body
But from the mind instead.


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Pepple Dash Cat!

From the Cosmic Forest!

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Double Rainbow

Flyer illustration for a Hit & Run presents ‘Double Rainbow’ event. Nice but of fun that.

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Urban Renewal

Last night was the opening ‘Urban Renewal’ an exhibition brought together by the guys from Bert Agency. The show focused on Ben Peppers new sun dial sculpture and prints on the ground floor, on the second floor  was  my 2 prints alongside other creatives Mr Hass, Stanley Chow, Matt Ferres, Andrew Brooks, James O’Connell too name a few.  Very nice opening with all proceeds from the artwork going towards Christies NHS Trust.

My artwork is available in A3 and 50 x 70cm print format.

Please contact if you would like to buy the above images.

Some nicely printed postcards from the exhibition, doesn’t the owl look gooood!

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I’ve been asked by Manchester based Creative Marketing Agency Bert to create some artwork for their exhibition opening on Wednesday (13th)  This includes the first preview of Ben Peppers Salford sculpture ‘Time of a Generation’
My 2 prints are available to buy on the evening and all proceeds go to The Christie NHS Trust.
If you would like to come the event as it is invite only send me a holla: by no later than 2pm on Wednesday.

Below are some sneaky peaks…

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Metric Exhibition

Bestjoinedup curated this wonderful exhibition / jubilee event at the Dock Street Market in Leeds.

This photo was taken by talented lady LilMizMc Click her name to see some more photos from the event and the awesome artists involved.

The 3 pieces are were made with acrylic on paper and put in a 30 x 40cm frame. They are viewable until July 5th where there will be a closing down party. All artwork is available for sale just contact  Bestjoinedup for prices and more info.



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Parklife Painty

Workroom Industries asked me to paint the side of one of their tree structures for Parklife festival… good excuse to get painty with spray paint. Lots of fun.

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24hr arty people

On Friday 1st June I was picked up by an old red double decker bus from the Hilary Step at 12:40am to be transported to the Contact Theatre. This was the beginning of my long journey of staying up for 24hrs to #createnotsleep. After meeting the other 23 creatives with backgrounds such as theatre, producing, writing, painting, singing, dancing and performing we played musical statues, pass the parcel and sleeping lions. This must have been around 4am.. I was surprisingly doing fine and enjoying the party games (i am a massive kid at heart)
Whilst we lay on the floor like sleeping lions to the sound of the Lion Kings ‘in the jungle the mighty jungle’ i was tapped on the shoulder and told to get up.. i followed a person up the stairs, got my stuff and was told to wait in a room. In there was an envelope with my name on it and a cryptic message inside.. i wait for a while not quite knowing what to do with myself, so went out through the fire escape for some fresh air then got locked out.

Upon being let in again i had met my working partner for the event. The delightfully talented Claire Cousins, who actually was the only other visual artist.
Our brief was ‘Out Of Time’ so spent up until 8am brain storming and getting to know each other. After breakfast my brain wasn’t working so we stole the cushions from the chairs and had a kip for a couple of hours… although i have a feeling that Claire spent most of that time playing Pacman.

Instead of focusing on the negativity of ‘Out of Time’ we created a space in which you could loose time having fun. Sometimes the reasons why you run out of time is because you get distracted by other things, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!
The long corridor had all the lights covered with blue gels, time was written down with masking tape along the floor. Before you go through the door you are given a ballon to blow up. You then have to keep the ballon up in the air whilst walking along the time line hitting targets that are placed along the wall and decorating yourselves with party whilstles and blowers. Once you go through the party streamer filled door you are immediately presented with a timelapse projected onto a large white flag made up of union jack spray painted white flags. The timelapse is of myself and Clair making the installation. There is also a board which we both painted together.

Our description of the installation was:

Sometimes time lost is time well spent. We decided to spend our time having fun.

At times it was a bit touch and go but the Contact Theatre technicians were amazingly helpful, so to were the organisers in making sure we were well fed and watered.
A truely amazing event in which i look forward to the documentation video by Albino Mosquito

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