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Lomography Winner

A while back I had won a lomography La Sardina by a simple yet effective tweet.. ‘To win a La Sardina I would.. ride a magical unicorn with a bowl of milk and cheerios balanced on my head..” Don’t know where the words came from so I drew a picture to show how magical it had been.

Thanks lomography, my new La Sardina is awesome!

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Inspirational Tuesday – Sacrilege 2012

On the last days of summer I managed to go to Jeremy Deller’s inflatable stone henge bouncey castle named Sacrilege 2012 at the Preston Guild. At one time 100 people were allowed to bounce, flip, scramble, sit and run around for 10 minuets, it was a mad frenzy of figures all playing around and having fun. Which for me was the best part – watching all ages, colours and sizes bounce around with massive smiles.

Did you also know that the Preston Guild only happens every 20 years?! It is an historic celebration, which dates back to 1179 – sharing a heritage of over 800 years.
What a shame I’ll have to wait till 2032 till the next one!

A short video, I had fun… Will re-edit the other’s at some point..

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Love unplugged

Yesterday I received my cardboard guitar ready for customising for this years Love Unplugged event. ‘Love Unplugged is a music and arts project that works to support local talent and provides a voice for charities that make a big difference, both regionally and nationally.’
Its a beautiful piece of work, I don’t want to ruin it with paint.. so I might just pretend I know how to play it around the studio. ..

FhPuHx on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif
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OWL! on Trof!

The lovely folk at Trof Fallowfield asked me to paint their wall.. I did an owl… mmmm. Hand painted with a bit of spray.. Super fun times. If you are in Manchester be sure to go check out their new bar refurb.. it’s lookin’ well smart!

I’ll get some proper photos soon.


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