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Ted X Salford

Went and did some live painting at the Ted X Salford event at the Lowry. There were some really interesting speakers who’s talks can be seen on the internet.
I had choosen to illustrated Joseph Incandela the American particle physicist currently based at CERN where he is the spokesperson for the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. It was really interesting but went over my head a bit having not studied science for years. From the talk I created what I thought was the Higgs Boson..

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Teacup A-board

Did a couple of A-boards for the lovely Teacup on Thomas Street from this years MFDF ‘Casual Dinning’ award. Congrats guys!

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The Gatekeeper

Went down to The Mob in Manchester and painted a Gatekeeper on their office wall.

Filmed and Edited by The Mob
Music by Raikes Parade

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The Mob and The Gatekeeper

The Mob had asked me to come and paint on their office walls – an offer I couldn’t refuse! So I painted a ‘Gatekeeper to the Cosmic Forest’. Using acrylic and spray paint he was made. Thanks to the Mob for filming and editing together the video and also Raikes Parade for the tune.

To see the video and my dull sound demeanor go…hheeere….

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Common Ground Collective.

Common Ground Collective undertook a 2 week residency at Rogue’s Project Space The other artists in the collective are Elizabeth Wewiora Simon Jones Jay Yung Tracey Eastham and Claire Tindale.

I wanted to cultivate something in the space and having been playing around with the idea of a ‘Cressage’ for a while. It is how it sounds.. a message written in cress! Whilst discussing with Wewiora my idea she said the simple comment of “it has potentional” And that was it! Cress doesn’t take that long to cultivate and essentially has potentional for growth within the restricted time and space. It started to sprout almost immediately from its pulped paper base and flourished on the Monday, to dry up and die on the following Monday.
More cressages to follow.
Utilising the materials that were in the space I also created a ‘rolling hill’ for which Claire’s mini wooden shed could perch on.


Thanks to Elizabeth Wewiora for the photographs.
For more information about the collective and the project go Here

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Common Ground Collective

Last week I undertook a 2 week residency at Rogue’s Project Space alongside fellow Common Ground Collective artists Elizabeth Wewiora Simon Jones Jay Yung Tracey Eastham and Claire Tindale. Whilst i await some proper photographs here are my less proper instagram versions..

The process within working in the space was quite interesting in that this was the first time we were all together. Every artist is completely different to the other which is insightful and would sometimes be challenging. I like those challenges because it inspires new ideas and ways of working – especially with people.
Time flew by extremely quickly but we managed to create an interesting exhibition – even though it is a project space everyone had created an individual piece.
I shall explain more when the proper photographs have arrived.

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Inspirational Tuesday..

So rather than updating my work, i’ll post about what i have been inspired by recently…

Bruce Numan – violins violence silence.

For more thrilling adventures on instagram follow me on @thecolouringbox

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Common Ground Collective Residency at Rogue Project Space

Invitation to:
Common Ground Collective Residency at Rogue Project Space
3 October – 15 October 2012
Open Studio 13-14 October, Preview night 6-8pm, Friday 12 October 

A newly formed arts collective, Common Ground, invites you to our open studio event at Rogue Project Space this October! 

We are Liz Wewiora, Kai-Oi Jay Yung, Tracey Eastham, Claire Tindale, Tasha Whittle and Simon Jones! 

Common Ground collective is a new collaborative group of 6 artists, which formed from an initial allotment based residency in 2011. Common Ground will be taking up a new residency at the Rogue Project space as part of their ‘testing ground’ projects. 
The aims of the residency are to explore arts practice as a collective and work  with members of a specific art and community group within a white art space environment to develop ideas around pertinent issues including environment, sustainabilityand community. As part of the project we will be inviting 6 community members from the allotment site (Bradley Fold Allotments in South Manchester) to participate in the process and engage in discussion and comment on the work being produced – giving a fresh perspective on the work we make as a collective group. 

Every aspect of the residency process will be documented and shared as part of an open studio event and we would love to see you all there!

For more information on the collective and how the project came about please feel free to visit the blog site here 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

To find us:
Rogue Artists’ Studios & Project Space, 66-72 Chapeltown Street, Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2WH

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