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After my 1 month residency in Islington Mill i exhibited these pieces of work alongside the Carbooty event. All the documentation of the residency can be found  here.
I wanted the work to show the functionality that disused objects can have.  Most of the objects were either wooden draws or bicycle wheels.
This is an on going project and I am still a hoarder.

Photographed and edit by Ric Lowe 

Searching for a place to lay 

Loose_Gain_IMG_8155_webLoose_Gain_IMG_8160_web (1)Loose_Gain_IMG_8168_webLoose_Gain_IMG_8188_web




Loose_Gain_IMG_8181_web (1)





Loose_Gain_IMG_8140_web Loose_Gain_IMG_8144_web Loose_Gain_IMG_8148_web (1)


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My interest in re-using discarded objects as a form of up cycling started with these bike wheel frames. Birch ply in the middle with mixed media paint over the top.

Loose_Gain_IMG_8191_web Caught in the middle

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DOI Illustration

T is for Tarsier
My illustration of a Tarsier holding onto a letter t can be seen in the DOI Illustration soon to be published this year along side my Column Arts Agency buddies.

T is for Tarsier

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