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Shutters in photos.

The process of painting the Castlefield Art Gallery was really enjoyable. Being up a scaffold tower whilst it is sunny is an ideal way to spend a few days.
The design is by Nina Chua.
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Castlefield Art Gallery shutters.

Join us to celebrate the closing of our newly painted shutters at the end of the working day on Sunday 20 October, from 5.30pm for drinks, closing starts at 6pm.


Over the summer of 2013, Castlefield Gallery (CG) has commissioned artist Nina Chua to make an artwork for the existing metal shutters that ‘wrap’ around the gallery when the gallery is closed. CG and Chua are very pleased with the results and are now ready to ‘unveil’ the painted shutters.

This commission was funded by Arts Council England through their Grants for the Arts scheme as part of the CG organisation development project over the past 2 years. Huge thanks also goes to artist Tasha Whittle who has applied the artwork to the shutters with incredible skill and ingenuity.

 So come and celebrate this new permanent artwork with us on Sunday 20 October, starting at 5:30pm.

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Forming Words

‘E’ is my letter for the ‘Forming Words’ 4 day exhibition at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre which opens today until this Sunday as part of the Manchester Weekender. To illustrate my letter I drew an Echidna, shaping his body into a ‘E’. What a wonderful creature from Australia with its many long spines and pink sticky tongue!
The image is available to buy as a digital print. Get in touch if you are interested! 


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