Common Ground Collective.

Common Ground Collective undertook a 2 week residency at Rogue’s Project Space The other artists in the collective are Elizabeth Wewiora Simon Jones Jay Yung Tracey Eastham and Claire Tindale.

I wanted to cultivate something in the space and having been playing around with the idea of a ‘Cressage’ for a while. It is how it sounds.. a message written in cress! Whilst discussing with Wewiora my idea she said the simple comment of “it has potentional” And that was it! Cress doesn’t take that long to cultivate and essentially has potentional for growth within the restricted time and space. It started to sprout almost immediately from its pulped paper base and flourished on the Monday, to dry up and die on the following Monday.
More cressages to follow.
Utilising the materials that were in the space I also created a ‘rolling hill’ for which Claire’s mini wooden shed could perch on.


Thanks to Elizabeth Wewiora for the photographs.
For more information about the collective and the project go Here

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