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Back in May Art in the Underbelly and Popshot Magazine bashed heads for a Art in the Underbelly’s 2nd birthday. To celebrate the occasion I was asked to illustrate a poem.  The poem is about the excuses we make to not assert ourselves, when the only thing that is stopping us is self-belief.

The man who was just a head
By Jess Little

I’m not one to make excuses
Said the man who was just a head
But I can’t stand up for myself
As I don’t have any legs

I’d raise objections freely
If i had an arm or two
But my cranial formation
Devalues my point of view

Without feet or ankles
I can’t dig my feels in
I cannot stick my neck out
As I stop below the chin

No bones to be found here
Never mind ones of contention
I’ve no stomach for a conflict
No guts for confrontation

If i were more than simple skull
Perhaps I’d be headstrong
With fingers I could point out when
Others were in the wrong.

Grow a pair is what they say
But then the question begs:
Where would I keep them,
Between my non-existent legs?

But he knew as well as i did
This man who was just a head
Strength comes not from the body
But from the mind instead.


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