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60 Second City Animation

Can be seen in my videos section..


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Newtopia is open

Above are 2 photos from when we had the Caldershaw Primary School students come and see their exhibition. There were 60 kids and their parents and amazingly nothing got broken! It was an amazing project and a fantastic ending to see all their excited happy faces. The first i have ever done and it will no by any means be the last.

I would like to personally thank Nicky Culclough, Elizabeth Wewiora, Louise Hargreaves, Natalie Ellet, all the Chinese Arts Centre staff, the teachers and assistants at Caldershaw Primary and the kids themselves for all contributing, engaging and creating this project.


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My, My, how time flies! I am due a rather large update and new bodies of work. But for the moment i will invite you to an exhibition i have curated alongside Nicky Culclough

Over the last month we have been doing workshops with Year 5 and 6 from Caldershaw Primary School. Creating work inspired by Utopia Group’s (He Hai and Deng Dafei). Tomorrow i will be setting up and curating the exhibition.. which will be quite exciting!

So for now, you are invited to come down to the late night opening on Friday 16th.

Oh! Also! Nice little write up on the Creative times

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“Abuur sleeping in the Chinese Arts Centre window”This is Abuur, he’s fallen asleep amongst the golden orange flowers in the Chinese Arts Centre window. His body is long, patterned with rain drop fur and stretches across 5 large windows. He used to have a long ringed tail that he could wrap around his belly but it got taken in a battle against a Hikatro, poor poor Abuur..”

Extracts from the Cosmic Forest

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CAC christmas Auction

The Chinese Arts Centre Christmas auction 2010.
I donated two pieces from my ‘Note to Self’ exhibition to the Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester to raise money for the gallery alongside other Chinese Artists who have worked with them. The auction was live with bids from online and people in the space on the night.

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