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DOI Illustration

T is for Tarsier
My illustration of a Tarsier holding onto a letter t can be seen in the DOI Illustration soon to be published this year along side my Column Arts Agency buddies.

T is for Tarsier

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Peter Rabbit Prep

Some photos of the Peter Rabbit book cover soon to be exhibited at Print Odyssey in Norwich. 2 colour screen print on A2 Fabriano Rosapina very nice paper which makes the ink on it pop up and out.. woo!

The super snazzy one69a screen printed them for me. Cheers buddy.

Column Arts Agency will be picking them up and driving them down to the exhibition, so if you would like to perchase one please speak to that fella.

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Q&A with Column Arts Agency

I did a Q&A with Column Arts Agency about Out House.. which if you clicky heerreeeeeeeee you shall be flown over there to it!

And this is a picture of ArtMath’s bottoms!

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Column Arts Agency website goes LIVE!

I am now represented by Column Arts Agency. That’s a bit good!
But it doesn’t mean that all jobs have to go through them and they get a percentage of money from my work that i do freelance.. helll noooo. They only take a commission if they get me a job, which is perfect and nicely considerate. A super supportive team in many ways that one, i am really happy to be a part of this.


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