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Tortoise Tshirt


Poppin’ FFFRRREEESH! Tortoise from the Cosmic Forest screen printed in 2 colours.

 Tshirt is 100% cotton. Lets get it on…!

Sizing – Chest to Fit (inches)

  S:  36-38

M:  38-40

  L:  40-42

XL: 42-44

XXL: 50-52

XXXL: 54-56

Postage & Packaging included with each item ordered within the UK.

We will send world wide, so get in touch!


PS. Actual product shots will be here soon but you are guaranteed a quality screen printed item for your body’s pleasure!

Order Tortoise on Heather Grey Tshirt
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Pepple Dash Cat!

From the Cosmic Forest!

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“Abuur sleeping in the Chinese Arts Centre window”This is Abuur, he’s fallen asleep amongst the golden orange flowers in the Chinese Arts Centre window. His body is long, patterned with rain drop fur and stretches across 5 large windows. He used to have a long ringed tail that he could wrap around his belly but it got taken in a battle against a Hikatro, poor poor Abuur..”

Extracts from the Cosmic Forest

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Forest Child

Cosmic colouring and black screen print on canvas board, available from Studio Two in a Manchester Craft and Design Centre. Each one is completely different and a beautiful example of the Cosmic Forest!

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