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Creatimation Experiment 003

Warming up for the mill24 exhibition, experimenting in the corner of my friends work room. A creatimation is the documentation of creating and animation, with no pre-conceived thought and just doing it a creatimation is created.

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Creatimation Experiment 004

As part of the mill24 exhibition held at Islington Mill, Manchester i had a 6 hour slot in which to create artwork. This is 6 hours of live movement, animation and sounds all condensed together for a 3 minuet animation. The condensing of the music was by robbage and the video was executed by ric lowe and myself. Good friends, Good times. It was a full on, constant and completely exhilarating!

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Supermarket Sarah

Creatimation of making my Supermarket Sarah wall in the loft space of Islington Mill.
The shop can be seen HERE! on the website!

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