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Ping Pong

For the Ping Pong Club exhibition that was on in the Umbro Showroom for Future Everything Festival, a selection of artists were given a ping pong bat to do what they wished with. I stripped mine down and placed a hand made nest on the top of it with my ‘Cut and Create’ birds surrounding it. Everything was hung from a hazel branch triangle forming a balance between bat, nest and birds. Without the the balance between each of the objects the mobile wouldn’t stay together. Much like the balance and skill of playing the game of ping pong.
Photos by Anna Beam

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FE Design

For you too see fully. All information provided is correct as it was researched through the dictionary and included my own thoughts about each word, their meaning and how they are all interlinked together.


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Future Everything

I submitted a design for One69a’s t shirt screen printing competition

“What is the Future of Art, Music and Technology?”

My answer after creating a spider diagram investigating what the words above mean in the dictionary and interlinking them together, along with off shoot ideas i came to the conclusion that it is “YOU & ME BABY.” Because if we don’t do anything then nothing will happen.

Here are some photos from the live printing event held in in the Umbro show room, Manchester.. taken by Jermyn from one69a / Fraser Chapman and featuring the super rad Daedelus who chose my image to be printed onto a teee.


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