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2016 Calender

‘2016 will be awesome because you will make it so’
Is a 12 A3 page screen printed calendar containing new illustrations and quotes that I have come across and inspired me this year. Once you are finish with the month you can cut it up and you have a mini print to keep forever and to remind you how awesome you are. Multifunctional!

Let’s get organised and make the most of our time! 

Calender november Calender JULY Calender June Calender march Calender may Calender december Calender January

Please note: Each page is hand printed and subject to change slightly with colour, all our covers are ‘thrown’ with ink and so each one is unique. 

All including P&P for UK sales, if you are outside the UK just get in touch.

Order Calender 2015 Calendar @ £25.00
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