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After my 1 month residency in Islington Mill i exhibited these pieces of work alongside the Carbooty event. All the documentation of the residency can be found  here.
I wanted the work to show the functionality that disused objects can have.  Most of the objects were either wooden draws or bicycle wheels.
This is an on going project and I am still a hoarder.

Photographed and edit by Ric Lowe 

Searching for a place to lay 

Loose_Gain_IMG_8155_webLoose_Gain_IMG_8160_web (1)Loose_Gain_IMG_8168_webLoose_Gain_IMG_8188_web




Loose_Gain_IMG_8181_web (1)





Loose_Gain_IMG_8140_web Loose_Gain_IMG_8144_web Loose_Gain_IMG_8148_web (1)


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LOSE / GAIN Residency

Currently doing a Residency at the moment at Islington Mill. It is GREAT!
my Residency blog can be seen here..

LG Flyer webbo

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Inspiration : SuperCrafts

As part of my new creative development I am featuring people who I find inspiring and that keep me going within my practice. This will continue on a weekly basis on this blog so keep them little peeepy peepers peeled. 

I met Mr Hass from SuperCraft studio when I moved to Islington Mill. Based in the one69a studio we’ve become suuuuper good friends and admires of each others work and ideas. Every time he has some new work I take photographs of the items to go onto his website. From t-shirts, bespoke back gammon boards, zines, record covers, website design, branding, one off screen printed pieces and front cover illustrations, this guy is an absolute don with design, a strong ink and pen wielding master and most of all top studio buddy.

Taking photos of his artwork is an absolute dream to do as the line work is so strong and he just leaves me to it. Without further adieu here is some samples of the work i have taken photos of..

For an awesome designed website check…
Twitter @supercrafts

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Peter Rabbit Prep

Some photos of the Peter Rabbit book cover soon to be exhibited at Print Odyssey in Norwich. 2 colour screen print on A2 Fabriano Rosapina very nice paper which makes the ink on it pop up and out.. woo!

The super snazzy one69a screen printed them for me. Cheers buddy.

Column Arts Agency will be picking them up and driving them down to the exhibition, so if you would like to perchase one please speak to that fella.

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Sound by Numbers

The Volkov Commanders ‘Sound by Numbers’ wall consisted of different artists responding to the idea of giving the audience an instruction that will allow them to experience a sound..
I made a galaxy music score, by following the notes from other dimensions the music scores follow an upward path through the notes but are warped in different ways by every note they go through.

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Volkov Commanders at SFTOC

The came, they saw and they conquered every space that they could into a rhythmic dance and musical frenzy..

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Andy Batman

Super rad illustrator, performance artist and friend Andy Batman… (goes by the other name of Geraint Hacking) wore and performed in a costume that was made by me with lots of left over scraps of canvas in my studio. Here be some photos of the making and the actual costume.

The video on the performance is in my video section.

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Gardening T-shirts.

Drawn for the fundraiser garden party! They are available to purchase so please get in touch if you would like one for someone who’s a keen gardener! The other design ‘the wheels of the Mill go round and round’ is by Mr Hass

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Garden Party at Islington Mill

“The garden at Islington Mill never ceases to amaze people as they happen across it totally unexpectedly. As well as being a critically acclaimed photographer, David Williams has single-handedly been responsible for all the beautiful plants that transform our courtyard into an urban oasis during the Summer months. Last Summer’s blooms form the subject matter for David’s photographs and will give you an idea of how stunning our garden can look. To keep the garden looking gorgeous we are hosting a garden party fundraiser to contribute to the further development and maintenance of the garden. Suggested donation for the Garden Party £3.
April 5th 2012 (Thursday) Expect cake, the finest ales, T-shirt stalls, a cocktail bar, chilled beats and as always, great art! ”


Inspired by the flowers in Alice in Wonderland I have created this image drawn with paint brush and ink for the folks at Islington Mill. It will be screen printed onto bags and some t-shirts to raise money for their garden. Come along! Open to everyone!

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Crikey, Monday is all about the new new neeeeews. There is one more piece of new news! I am moving studios! I can’t really say anything else at the moment.
But this is another step in the right direction!

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