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Let’s Play Sardines!

I have recently customised a La Sardina DIY Lomography camera which will be exhibited at the Lomography Gallery Store East London on Thursday 17th January. 

My camera will be exhibited alongside Kid Acne, Felt Misstress, Malarky, Pete Fowler, Supermundane, Gemma Correll,  Donna Wilson and Chris Howker to name a few ace creatives!

My approach to the camera for resourceful and as per usual a bit daft, I saw the La Sardina camera as a bird.. that big flash had to be a head right…?
Using the little wooden bits you get when you buy pre made canvasses (due to my hording nature I had a tin box full) as my feathers I figured out the best way to present them onto the camera, then painted and glued them on.

IMG_0019 IMG_0024 IMG_0026 IMG_0025 IMG_0038 IMG_0054

I then didn’t like what i did and started again, so the photos to see here are the initial attempt and the finish product looks something similar, if not better. The back is painted all over and I also customised the coloured flash parts for different head pieces.

There will be free beers provided by Saint Beer So let them know how much you enjoy their brew at @EnjoySaint

Keep up to date with the exhibitions deets with #letsplaysardines

And HERE BEEEE the link on the lomography website.

Thanks to Lomography for asking me to do this, it was so much fun and a nice start to 2013!


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Lomography Winner

A while back I had won a lomography La Sardina by a simple yet effective tweet.. ‘To win a La Sardina I would.. ride a magical unicorn with a bowl of milk and cheerios balanced on my head..” Don’t know where the words came from so I drew a picture to show how magical it had been.

Thanks lomography, my new La Sardina is awesome!

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