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Ted X Salford

Went and did some live painting at the Ted X Salford event at the Lowry. There were some really interesting speakers who’s talks can be seen on the internet.
I had choosen to illustrated Joseph Incandela the American particle physicist currently based at CERN where he is the spokesperson for the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. It was really interesting but went over my head a bit having not studied science for years. From the talk I created what I thought was the Higgs Boson..

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Fashion vs Dubstep

Alongside the bestjoined up crew i went to Cardiff to do some live painting in Buffalo bar.

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Invited down by Miss Led to come and scribble all over the side of Selfridges, London’s window.. how could i not!

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Working with Sketch City i did some live painting in the window of Diesel, Manchester alongside my transvestite model who was showing off the new underpants from Diesel to passers by that had come to check out the Gay Pride Manchester Parade. Great day.

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Collida da scope

I was invited down by Miss Led to come and do some live painting at the London Design Festival. Alongside Sri Mckinnon, Jenism, Candy Lo, Elfin and of course Miss Led we created this large piece. Good friends and good times!

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