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After my 1 month residency in Islington Mill i exhibited these pieces of work alongside the Carbooty event. All the documentation of the residency can be found  here.
I wanted the work to show the functionality that disused objects can have.  Most of the objects were either wooden draws or bicycle wheels.
This is an on going project and I am still a hoarder.

Photographed and edit by Ric Lowe 

Searching for a place to lay 

Loose_Gain_IMG_8155_webLoose_Gain_IMG_8160_web (1)Loose_Gain_IMG_8168_webLoose_Gain_IMG_8188_web




Loose_Gain_IMG_8181_web (1)





Loose_Gain_IMG_8140_web Loose_Gain_IMG_8144_web Loose_Gain_IMG_8148_web (1)


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LOSE / GAIN Residency

Currently doing a Residency at the moment at Islington Mill. It is GREAT!
my Residency blog can be seen here..

LG Flyer webbo

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My Lantern is made of cosmic coloured fabiano paper with a hand cut design on it. Looks great with a light in it. For photos from the other artists in the exhibition go here..


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Street View

I exhibited a digitally print of the Record Shack in Walley Range for the ‘Street View’ exhibition curated by Skyliner at NQ2022.  I have a soft spot for the Record Shack as it has always been there, is never really open but when you do go in it is a chaotic vinyl hunting adventure run by an old man.


Skyliner is dedicated to the pursuit of rare and fascinating art, architecture and history.

This print can be bought in the Skyliner Shop

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Lone Wolf Ball

Illustrated and designed a flyer for the Lone Wolf Ball.

‘A Christmas party for freelancers, homeworkers, lone wolves and good eggs!’

Sign up for your free ticket Here! and join on the facecrack page.

See you there!

(We have booze supplied by Jamesons..woop!)

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All in the Wrist – Hooty

I spent 4 days working with cardboard inside the Bench Self Made gallery. I wanted to play around with the space and have fun with a material i don’t use that often and so i created some trees and a remote control cardboard owl complete with screen printed feathers.

The work was displayed alongside cardboard queen Lottie Smith, Krek, Moot, TeaOne and Muka. Everybody’s work was completely different to the others, making it an interesting show and showcasing the usability of cardboard. I think I enjoyed the making part with other people around the best bit.. free booze is free booze.

Thanks to Moot for organising the exhibition and Alistar from Bench for letting us get into the space and being generally awesome.

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Teacup A-board

Did a couple of A-boards for the lovely Teacup on Thomas Street from this years MFDF ‘Casual Dinning’ award. Congrats guys!

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OWL! on Trof!

The lovely folk at Trof Fallowfield asked me to paint their wall.. I did an owl… mmmm. Hand painted with a bit of spray.. Super fun times. If you are in Manchester be sure to go check out their new bar refurb.. it’s lookin’ well smart!

I’ll get some proper photos soon.


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Teacup window vinyl

I created a city scape for Teacup on Thomas Streets kitchen windows. Purveyors of extremely tasty cakes, pies, home made food, loose leaf tea and coffee, it is well worth popping in to fill that little empty hole in your belly. They now have a liquor licence and a wonderful  ‘Suppa and Cuppa’ evening menu. I have worked with Teacup on Thomas Street for a number of years now creating one off bespoke illustrations, designs and objects for their adventures. My illustrations feature on the menus and walls of their pop up shops and hopefully there will be further illustrations all over the place in the future.

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Hidden Forest Mural

Over the past two weeks I have been busy painting and installing a new mural in the Northern Quartre, Manchester. The forest mural is situated along Thomas Street, behind the metal broom and shovel statue on the NCP carpark. You wouldn’t notice it if you went directly past it but if you looked down the bank.. there it is! Spread over 21 boards it depicts a hidden forest in an attempt to brighten up the otherwise dark and gloomy area.

Much thanks goes out to Claire Cousins, my lovely new intern for all the painty fun times, Islington Mill for letting me paint the mural in the gallery space, Tommy from City Co for the support and positive attitude, Kev Moore from Workroom Industries and Jermyn from One69a for the help on the install, bit of man power goes a long long way… and the Northern Green Quarter for the opportunity!

Here’s a little thing i put together so you can see the scale of the piece..

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