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The Gatekeeper

Went down to The Mob in Manchester and painted a Gatekeeper on their office wall.

Filmed and Edited by The Mob
Music by Raikes Parade

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The Mob and The Gatekeeper

The Mob had asked me to come and paint on their office walls – an offer I couldn’t refuse! So I painted a ‘Gatekeeper to the Cosmic Forest’. Using acrylic and spray paint he was made. Thanks to the Mob for filming and editing together the video and also Raikes Parade for the tune.

To see the video and my dull sound demeanor go…hheeere….

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Hidden Forest Mural

Over the past two weeks I have been busy painting and installing a new mural in the Northern Quartre, Manchester. The forest mural is situated along Thomas Street, behind the metal broom and shovel statue on the NCP carpark. You wouldn’t notice it if you went directly past it but if you looked down the bank.. there it is! Spread over 21 boards it depicts a hidden forest in an attempt to brighten up the otherwise dark and gloomy area.

Much thanks goes out to Claire Cousins, my lovely new intern for all the painty fun times, Islington Mill for letting me paint the mural in the gallery space, Tommy from City Co for the support and positive attitude, Kev Moore from Workroom Industries and Jermyn from One69a for the help on the install, bit of man power goes a long long way… and the Northern Green Quarter for the opportunity!

Here’s a little thing i put together so you can see the scale of the piece..

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Tea Revives You

My dear friend eightbit came and tidied up my lines at the British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke on Trent, whilst i was running around painting other walls. He even added a thumbs up after the end because once you’ve had a cuppa tea.. you’r definitely going to feel gooooood. I stole his photo to… so credits to you Sir Bit!

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Spectrum Pencil Crayons

To celebrate Fred Aldous Fred Aldous supplying arts and crafts to the good people of Manchester for 125 years! I was asked to paint a mural on Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter.
I chose to do a spectrum of coloured pencils with gold wooden bits. Despite the rain it worked out beautifully and got a lot of positive comments from the folk in Manchester. Happy painty days! Photos taken by Lois Mcdonald

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