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Hidden Forest Mural

Over the past two weeks I have been busy painting and installing a new mural in the Northern Quartre, Manchester. The forest mural is situated along Thomas Street, behind the metal broom and shovel statue on the NCP carpark. You wouldn’t notice it if you went directly past it but if you looked down the bank.. there it is! Spread over 21 boards it depicts a hidden forest in an attempt to brighten up the otherwise dark and gloomy area.

Much thanks goes out to Claire Cousins, my lovely new intern for all the painty fun times, Islington Mill for letting me paint the mural in the gallery space, Tommy from City Co for the support and positive attitude, Kev Moore from Workroom Industries and Jermyn from One69a for the help on the install, bit of man power goes a long long way… and the Northern Green Quarter for the opportunity!

Here’s a little thing i put together so you can see the scale of the piece..

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Peter Rabbit Prep

Some photos of the Peter Rabbit book cover soon to be exhibited at Print Odyssey in Norwich. 2 colour screen print on A2 Fabriano Rosapina very nice paper which makes the ink on it pop up and out.. woo!

The super snazzy one69a screen printed them for me. Cheers buddy.

Column Arts Agency will be picking them up and driving them down to the exhibition, so if you would like to perchase one please speak to that fella.

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New Studio….

MWA will have an opening soon… We’re just all getting settled. I am well happy.

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Some Studio times

I haven’t posted enough studio goings on.. this is my current done wall.. with a lot more to come! Theres a little Sally coming into the shot at the bottom too..

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Working with Screen Printers one69a i designed a t-shirt for a charity walk with electrics company Molex. It was turned into a 3 colour screen and looks, pretty bloody boom!

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FE Design

For you too see fully. All information provided is correct as it was researched through the dictionary and included my own thoughts about each word, their meaning and how they are all interlinked together.


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Future Everything

I submitted a design for One69a’s t shirt screen printing competition

“What is the Future of Art, Music and Technology?”

My answer after creating a spider diagram investigating what the words above mean in the dictionary and interlinking them together, along with off shoot ideas i came to the conclusion that it is “YOU & ME BABY.” Because if we don’t do anything then nothing will happen.

Here are some photos from the live printing event held in in the Umbro show room, Manchester.. taken by Jermyn from one69a / Fraser Chapman and featuring the super rad Daedelus who chose my image to be printed onto a teee.


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Orchid and Bird

Illustrated by me and screen printed by one69a we created a present for Mothers Day to show our Mum’s that we care. 3 colour screen print onto 300gsm somerset watercolour paper. Limited run of 21. Available in the shop!

(This can go beyond Mothers Day of course!)

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Tiger Child

Hand drawn then turned into a 4 colour screen print with a limited edition of 4. Printed by one69a.

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