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Teacup A-board

Did a couple of A-boards for the lovely Teacup on Thomas Street from this years MFDF ‘Casual Dinning’ award. Congrats guys!

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The Gatekeeper

Went down to The Mob in Manchester and painted a Gatekeeper on their office wall.

Filmed and Edited by The Mob
Music by Raikes Parade

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The Mob and The Gatekeeper

The Mob had asked me to come and paint on their office walls – an offer I couldn’t refuse! So I painted a ‘Gatekeeper to the Cosmic Forest’. Using acrylic and spray paint he was made. Thanks to the Mob for filming and editing together the video and also Raikes Parade for the tune.

To see the video and my dull sound demeanor go…hheeere….

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