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Shutters in photos.

The process of painting the Castlefield Art Gallery was really enjoyable. Being up a scaffold tower whilst it is sunny is an ideal way to spend a few days.
The design is by Nina Chua.
IMG_4450_1 IMG_4448_1 IMG_5102_1 IMG_5101_1 IMG_4475_1 IMG_4471_1 IMG_4470_1 IMG_4468_1 IMG_4467_1 IMG_4456_1 IMG_4461_1 IMG_4460_1 IMG_4469_1 IMG_4457_1 IMG_4455_1 IMG_4454_1 IMG_5104

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The Gatekeeper

Went down to The Mob in Manchester and painted a Gatekeeper on their office wall.

Filmed and Edited by The Mob
Music by Raikes Parade

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