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byebye julian kimmings

Its always sad when you have to paint over an artists work but that is part of the reason why we do Out House.. to introduce you to new artists! I loved Julian Kimmings piece. Oh well, we’ll just have to find other spots to paint…

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Out House Round 3

Its that time of year again when we re-prime the blocks of Stevenson Square and introduce the public to some new artists and artwork.  These are my instagrams documenting the process.. there are a lot more photographs on the OUT HOUSE website.

Round 3 included.. Eightbit, ArtMath, Laurie Pink and Paul Hallows.

For more information please go to  

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Spectrum Pencil Crayons

To celebrate Fred Aldous Fred Aldous supplying arts and crafts to the good people of Manchester for 125 years! I was asked to paint a mural on Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter.
I chose to do a spectrum of coloured pencils with gold wooden bits. Despite the rain it worked out beautifully and got a lot of positive comments from the folk in Manchester. Happy painty days! Photos taken by Lois Mcdonald

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