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Lazer Letters.. zzeeooom.

I have designed some scrabble letters to go onto the new toilet door of Teacup on Thomas Street in the Northern Quatre of Manchester. These were made with a lazer cutter and then hand painted. Look awesome on the door, so go check it out.

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Tea Revives You

My dear friend eightbit┬ácame and tidied up my lines at the British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke on Trent, whilst i was running around painting other walls. He even added a thumbs up after the end because once you’ve had a cuppa tea.. you’r definitely going to feel gooooood. I stole his photo to… so credits to you Sir Bit!

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British Ceramics Biennial

Teacup have a pop up tea shop ‘Drink Tea Eat Cake’ at the British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke On Trent. I was asked to come and paint some of my teacup characters and text pieces for them on the walls The building and exhibition itself looks to be awesome and definitely worth checking out.

The seats spell out Eat Cake / Drink Tea.. and there are some tea pots dotted around for good measure.

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